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Biedermann und die Brandstifter, starring Peter Sutton

He has given readings for

  • Autumn in Malvern Festival
  • Birmingham Literary Festival
  • Ledbury Poetry Festival
  • Worcestershire Literary Festival
  • Birmingham University
  • Packhorse Productions
  • Actors and Writers London

He has also delivered corporate training for clients including RADA in Business and the Central School of Speech and Drama.

He gives talks for schools and adult groups on acting, languages and writing for performance.

Peter Sutton is also a playwright. He was invited to perform his own work at an international Shakespeare festival in 2006, was asked to write about Elgar for the composer’s anniversary in 2007, was commissioned to write and perform a presentation on Langland for the Autumn in Malvern Festival in 2012, and had his play about a modern-day Punch and Judy accepted and premiered in 2013. See the Author page for details.


Peter Sutton as John Shakespeare


Peter Sutton

As actor and reader, Peter Sutton specialises in foreign languages and accents. He also gives readings from his own work, including Piers Plowman (see the Author page for details).

In 2017 Peter Sutton is reading his poetry at events including Ledbury Poetry Festival, Ledbury Poetry Salons, Worcester Speakeasy, and meetings of Herefordshire Stanza.

He trained as an actor in 1996-7. He has worked in English and German for companies including:

  • artworcs
  • the European Theatre Company
  • Extravanganza Productions
  • Falcon Productions
  • Finborough Theatre
  • Koala
  • L’Khaim Theatre Company
  • Midland Actors Theatre
  • Mouthpiece Theatre Company
  • New Connection Theatre Company
  • Pascal Theatre Company
  • Splash TV
  • The Steam Industry
  • The Other Way Works
  • Tricolore Theatre Company
  • Untamed Shrew Productions
  • BBC Television

Peter Sutton as George



“When you see an actor ‘read’ as if they’re not reading from a script at all, and able to show you things about the character, it is something very special for a writer, and an excellent skill in an actor. Peter has that skill.”
Victoria Grainger, Writer and Founder of Untamed Shrew Productions

“....disciplined, committed, and imaginative in rehearsal – a leading force in the ensemble…Peter's performance was very moving.”
Thomas Kampe, Director/Choreographer & Julia Pascal, Artistic Director, Pascal Theatre Company

“I've used Peter Sutton to voice public sector video programmes. He has a pleasing, authoritative quality and communicates conviction and empathy with the subject matter. He is very flexible and able to amend and adapt performance and script readily.”
Mike Jackson, Director, Splash TV

“Peter is a skilled and generous performer. He was a highly valued part of the Black Tonic team - hard working and very professional."
Katie Keeler, Producer, Black Tonic / Executive Producer, Theatre Bristol

“Peter worked with commitment and enthusiasm, a real team-player. He was a flexible and accomplished performer, coping well with the interaction and improvisation demanded by his role.”
Katie Day, Artistic Director The Other Way Works & Director Black Tonic

“great examples of teamwork and improvisation!”
Lynne Goulding, People Initiatives

Peter Sutton Peter Sutton as Rogers
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