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Death of a Hunter - click for Finborough Theatre website

Edmund Dehn plays Hemingway, and the play is directed by Anthony Shrubsall.
Performances are on 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 & 17 April (10 April in the original German). For details click the image above or tel. 01223 357851.


Peter Sutton’s translation of the play Death of a Hunter by the renowned German playwright Rolf Hochhuth, adapted by Peter Thiers, is receiving its UK and English language premiere at the Finborough Theatre, London, in April 2018.

Unable to write any more, Ernest Hemingway fights his last and loneliest battle as he tries to find the courage to commit suicide. He confronts his demons, questions old certainties and comes face to face with the ghosts of his past...

Clinically, precisely, harrowingly and in real time, Hochhuth explores the final hour in the life of an American icon, examining the cult of celebrity, the trappings of fame and “the ultimate futility with which we are all cursed and ‘blessed’”.


Peter Sutton’s translation of William Langland’s Piers Plowman into modern English alliterative verse is published by McFarland of North Carolina. See the Author page for further information.

Since 1994 he has translated 15 books and over 1000 documents from French, German, Italian and Spanish for arts centres, lawyers and international organizations such as the Council of Europe and the European Union Cedefop. He has also revised over 300 texts in English, including PISA reports for the OECD.

He also has some facility in Armenian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian. Hear him speaking eight languages in the audio player below.


Click the image below
for a 4-page PDF of sample
translations by Peter Sutton.

Click for sample translations by Peter Sutton



book translated by Peter Sutton

He previously spent seven years commissioning translations and editing texts in six languages as Head of Publications at the UNESCO Institute for Education in Hamburg, Germany.

Scroll down for testimonials re Peter Sutton's work as a translator.

Peter Sutton now accepts commissions only in literature and the arts.

Testimonials re Peter Sutton's work as a translator

"He displayed high professional competence and skill both in substance and editorial work pertaining to the publications of UIE."
Ravindra H. Dave, Director, UNESCO Institute for Education

"Peter Sutton has translated texts of various genres for the Villa Concordia international arts centre. We have always liked working with him because we felt we were in the hands of an extremely capable linguist."
Stephanie Weiß, Deputy Director, Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia

"I am always happy to call on Peter Sutton's services as a translator, particularly in his specialist fields of education and culture."
John Parsons, Head of English Translation Department, Council of Europe

"Legal texts present the translator with very specific challenges. You have fulfilled these excellently so far. I need only think of the extensive set of rules of an international shipping insurance company which you translated. You will be pleased to know that your translation has already withstood various court disputes."
Klaus Dirksen, Dirksen & Schwadtke Attorneys, Hamburg

"In each of your translations you create an equivalent to the original that is accurate in both language and subject-matter."
Hans-Dieter Sommer, Edition Sommer Hamburg

"Over the last 20 years Peter Sutton has translated hundreds of documents from French, German and Spanish for dvv international (the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association). His translations are always reliable, on time and of outstanding quality, partly because of his excellent specialist vocabulary and knowledge of developments in the field of adult education. He not only conveys the meaning of the text exactly but also takes into account the context and the identity of the readership. Peter Sutton has also edited numerous texts for dvv international. He has helped to improve the quality of many papers by revising their language, structure and content."
Gisela Waschek, dvv international Information and Communication Department

"Peter has worked on translation projects for Tricolore, including plays by Luigi Pirandello and poems by Giacomo Leopardi, where we had found existing translations wanting. His work for us has captured not just the literal meaning but also the spirit and style of the authors concerned, qualities which are hugely important in translating literature."
Nadia Ostacchini, Artistic Director, Tricolore Theatre Company

“many thanks for the excellent translation”
Volker Krappen, Krebs & Krappen Film- und TV-Produktion GbR



Click the image below for a 4-page PDF
containing lists of Peter Sutton's German language textbooks,
articles on languages, book-length translations,
qualifications, memberships and full c.v.

Click for Peter Sutton's full c.v.


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